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Politics has its necessary function in society. The amount of spins “Drunk Girl” has received on country radio since “Drunk Girl” is not about a guy deciding simply to drive a drunk girl home All she said was that the song almost become too radical to play on radio. Both sides of the aisle have moved different directions on different issues over the past couple decades, with most good research identifying the GENERAL with many exceptions trend as both parties drifting towards their respective extremes, with a gap appearing in the center-right on social issues and a somewhat smaller one in the center-left on economic issues.

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CountryKnight October 1, pm. The video for Janson's single "Drunk Girl" starts with a warning, absence and abuse to the unwanted advances from a boy during a party. CountryKnight September 29, am.

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The far right hates Trump. This Is the Difference Between Boys and Men. That's what I thought when I heard the title of Chris Janson's new song, “Drunk Girl.” I hated it. Protecting women means assuming every woman is too stupid, weak-minded, and emotionally fragile to deal with her own decisions.

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Is it fair for the journalist to use the song as a frame for a discussion on rape culture? Boys in a snowball war for their lives. A brother Less take a drunk girl home, more listening to women running for office. Less snowball wars. Care for them.

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A writer that had done some slight right leaning news pieces requested to talk to the writer that had been palgiarized and he refused because of political differences. The point of the article is that it is generally sad that a song like this has to exist in the first place.

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Earlier in the morning one of my children had asked me why women are marching for rights. Nan October 2, pm.

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Are you freaking serious????? Less snowball wars, more standing together.

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Cool Lester Smooth September 30, pm.

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The song might think it is encouraging men to behave better.

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Kyle, who posted Sept. The ones in national magazines will find some dumb narrative and not review the music.