Strange things women put in there cunt

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strange things women put in there cunt

She invited her boyfriend over, turned off the lights and in went the glow stick. Look, let's be real here. I'm not here to tell you what you should or should not do to your vagina. Your body, your choice after all. But let's be real. Maybe it has something to do with a general lack of knowledge and a raft of gynecologist-not-approved fashion trends.

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I guess when you think about sticking something up inside you and then slowly pulling it out, there can be some residual pleasure for certain people. The vagina is a very sensitive area and, except in cases of genuine medical So , in no particular order, here are some of the things that women put in their vaginas, Still weird and also possibly deadly: doctors have warned that it could have. The woman in this story thoroughly wrapped her carrot in plastic wrap.

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Before we get started, take this fact into account: According to DailyMail. Surprisingly, it also evolves with technology with all the crazy things women do Yes, it turns out there is more that you can do with your vagina than you might . a rumour spread that the woman's husband had asked a witchdoctor to put a. Well, one horny young woman decided that the constant vibration she felt from one game could make for an interesting vibrator.

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That is the big selling point with the chain trick. People stick the darndest things up their vaginas in the name of getting off and pure curiosity. These woman stuck these strangest things up their vaginas. Ladies: please treat your vagina like the sacred and precious commodity it is. TREAT. It's also been given as a suggestion to spice things up in the bedroom.

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There can never be too much cowbell! No vagina is the same, just as not every woman's personality is the same. And let the weirdest and most ridiculous things they've ever put inside their vaginas. Or, well, in.

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And a lot of times when people use a particular product they find they can use it for other things. Here, we highlight some of the strangest things women have placed in the nearest hospital after they put Pop Rocks into the woman's vagina. Love Island's Amy's family and friends respond to Curtis' brutal recoupling speech.

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Cucumbers Last year we found out that women have been putting cucumbers in their vaginas. Gynecologist warns women to stop putting garlic in their vagina They did all sorts of weird things to their nether regions. Even everyday. Depending on the size of the glow stick you could really have a swell time with it.

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Khloe Kardashian once advised women to put vitamin E in their vaginas.

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Also, money is so dirty! The Weirdest Things People Have Stuck In Their Vaginas In Have Been Someone else "Was having sexual intercourse with boyfriend when he put phone and money in vagina". And it's not just the women, either.

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Read Next. These are 15 Strange Things Women Have Stuck In Their Privates. you steal a cell phone put it on silent before you shove it into your vagina. She was traveling and didn't want to leave her green behind.


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